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Football’s fax fixation baffles Generation Z

I have come to terms with the fact that many of the devices I grew up with are now considered relics of a past era. No longer is a waterproof Walkman the cutting edge in…
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Fans call on clubs to kick the fax out of football

Nerves are being frayed and nails are being bitten. Deadline day is fast approaching and football fans across the country are feeling the pressure, stress and exasperation. New rumours abound on a daily basis, be…
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Football fans willing to sacrifice technology, beer and even their partners to secure their dream signing.

While much of the UK struggles to shake off the January blues, abstain from alcohol and hit the gym, football fans have more pressing issues on their minds. Deadline day is looming in one of…
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Technology in Sport – A Game of Two Halves

In many senses, technology has already taken the world of sport to a new level. However, looking back at the closing stages of the recent football transfer window, you could be forgiven for thinking that…
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Unbelievable tech-errs: the real reason De Gea is still a Manchester United player

A simple investment in technology would have saved the doomed transfer of David de Gea from Manchester United to Real Madrid   If there’s one thing Europe’s top football clubs should be accustomed to, it’s…
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Outdated Tech Risks Alienating Sports Fans

In recent years, there has been a lot of noise around the rise of technology in sport. Much of this is to improve the spectacle and in some cases make the lives of officials and…
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Fax out of football: Bringing the beautiful game into the 21st Century

Football has come a long way over the past few decades. Whether it is the rise of the women’s game or the use of technology on the pitch, the sport has made a concerted effort…
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