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Tag: History of Innovation

Meeting of minds revolutionises cancer treatment

For years, scientists had been theorising that stem cells, building blocks for all other cells, could be used to save millions of lives. But no one could figure out how to isolate them in order…
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Lessons for entrepreneurs from the innovators that went before

We are fast approaching the time of year when resolutions are made. Innovators promise themselves this year they will succeed to break new ground. It’s convenient to choose the start of a new year to …
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There can be no innovation without agreements

Behind every star there’s a team of people lifting them up. It’s why the acceptance speeches receive so much air time at the BAFTAs. So then, if you consider true innovation the superstar of an…
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How Star Wars and an innovative agreement changed the movie merchandising business forever

Innovation is central to success in business. But it’s not enough on its own. An understanding of how to take your innovation to market is central to realising its potential. Today, innovation ranks high on…
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The History of Innovation in 50 Agreements: The Disruptors and Game Changers

A look back, to look forwards. By Greg Williams, Chief Editor of Wired UK Despite the best efforts of highly compensated consultants, business schools and the thought leadership industry, the process of innovation is still,…
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