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Quick Tip Tuesday: In Process Document Watermarks

Need to tell your users that a document hasn’t been completed? No problem! Your documents can be watermarked with your chosen words until it’s completed by all parties. DocuSign’s watermark feature can be enabled in…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: New to DocuSign? Check Out Some of our Most Common Questions

Whether you're a brand new DocuSigner or a more seasoned user, these frequently asked questions provide valuable insight into the DocuSign product. What kinds of documents can I upload to DocuSign? DocuSign automatically converts uploaded documents to PDF…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Language Settings in your DocuSign Account

Working globally can be challenging, especially with multi-lingual users. Fortunately, DocuSign has streamlined the globalization process by allowing users to select default languages for their account. Each user may select the language they wish to do business in on their account.  Note:…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: How to Conceal Sensitive Data on Documents

Put to rest any concerns over revealing sensitive data in any document. Private information – from social security numbers to credit cards – will be securely hidden through DocuSign’s Concealed Field feature. This feature ensures…
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