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Get Social (Online!) at MOMENTUM`16 London

If you are joining us for MOMENTUM `16 in London, a great way to stay up-to-date with all the action is to follow along with our social media channels. Here is what you can expect…
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Go Offline for Customer Loyalty

In the previous two posts, I outlined ideas for a robust strategy to fire up your brand’s social media channels for maximum return in the form of prospects and customers. As customers begin to pour…
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How To Convert Prospects into Customers with Social Media

With prospects in the periphery, you’ve loaded your social media cannons with juicy content. You are armed with a plump strategy to flare your brand’s messaging to the clouds and beyond. Last week, I wrote…
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Social Media Selling – How To Create Leads

Consider the humble #hashtag. In the past year, what used to be known by most people as the pound sign on your phone now packs a mighty punch in lead generation. From a marketing and lead…
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