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Technology in Sport – A Game of Two Halves

In many senses, technology has already taken the world of sport to a new level. However, looking back at the closing stages of the recent football transfer window, you could be forgiven for thinking that…
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Unbelievable tech-errs: the real reason De Gea is still a Manchester United player

A simple investment in technology would have saved the doomed transfer of David de Gea from Manchester United to Real Madrid   If there’s one thing Europe’s top football clubs should be accustomed to, it’s…
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Fax out of football: Bringing the beautiful game into the 21st Century

Football has come a long way over the past few decades. Whether it is the rise of the women’s game or the use of technology on the pitch, the sport has made a concerted effort…
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Tech could have saved the de Gea transfer

Last night, one of the biggest stories of the transfer window came to a head. Touted since the final weeks of last season, David de Gea’s move from Man Utd to Real Madrid fell through…
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6 Ways Technology Is Transforming Sport

The use of technology withinsport has evolved impressively throughout the modern era, shaping the way audiences interact with our beloved teams and players. Technology has even altered the sports themselves, withgeneral consensus in favour of…
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