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Going paperless: almost everything you need to know

Going paperless can bring big advantages to your business, saving money and resources, improving transparency, and helping the environment at a time when deforestation is very much in the news. Why do businesses still use…
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Making an environmental impact with DocuSign for Forests

At DocuSign, we believe that we all need to come together to promote a healthier planet. Sustainability is a part of our culture and employees have volunteered thousands of hours to promote a healthier environment….
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DocuSign employee personally takes on London climate change

According to the Government’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) tree planting in the UK must double by 2020 as part of radical changes to land use in the UK. The CCC report says the government…
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Is it Earth Day Again…Already?

Did you exchange Earth Day gifts this morning? Sing Earth Day songs with your family? Make that traditional Earth Day meal? Ok, so probably not. If you are like most (me included), Earth Day is…
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