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Technology in Sport – A Game of Two Halves

In many senses, technology has already taken the world of sport to a new level. However, looking back at the closing stages of the recent football transfer window, you could be forgiven for thinking that…
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Unbelievable tech-errs: the real reason De Gea is still a Manchester United player

A simple investment in technology would have saved the doomed transfer of David de Gea from Manchester United to Real Madrid   If there’s one thing Europe’s top football clubs should be accustomed to, it’s…
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Outdated Tech Risks Alienating Sports Fans

In recent years, there has been a lot of noise around the rise of technology in sport. Much of this is to improve the spectacle and in some cases make the lives of officials and…
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Learning to Love the End User: Digital Transformation and the Path of Least Resistance

When planning your digital transformation, make sure to design your solutions in a way that makes your users’ lives easier. Otherwise, they will find the path of least resistance, regardless of your best laid risk…
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3 Ways to Accelerate Growth with Electronic Signatures

Following on from the webinar I ran this week on accelerating business growth, I’ve outlined some key takeaways below that illustrate the ways in which electronic signature can facilitate growth:   1. Accelerate contracts and approvals …
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6 Apps Every Business Needs to Go Paperless

Small business owners and enterprise organisations alike are continually on the lookout for new ways to save money and maximise their resources. Thanks to evolving paperless technologies, we are now able to achieve greater, more scalable efficiencies that range far…
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My Productivity Manifesto

Guest post by Greig Johnston, Chief Technology Officer, Insights We live, and work, in a world that’s completely connected. My iphone syncs to my laptop, my calendar syncs with my wife’s calendar, school newsletters come via email…
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Taking Over the World, Bit by Bit

Whether you are a skeptic or an avid believer it’s the future, Bitcoin is fast becoming the newest form of payment. Following the recent news that Google have added Bitcoin to their currency conversion tool, I…
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