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Football’s fax fixation baffles Generation Z

I have come to terms with the fact that many of the devices I grew up with are now considered relics of a past era. No longer is a waterproof Walkman the cutting edge in…
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Fans call on clubs to kick the fax out of football

Nerves are being frayed and nails are being bitten. Deadline day is fast approaching and football fans across the country are feeling the pressure, stress and exasperation. New rumours abound on a daily basis, be…
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Football fans willing to sacrifice technology, beer and even their partners to secure their dream signing.

While much of the UK struggles to shake off the January blues, abstain from alcohol and hit the gym, football fans have more pressing issues on their minds. Deadline day is looming in one of…
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6 Ways Technology Is Transforming Sport

The use of technology withinsport has evolved impressively throughout the modern era, shaping the way audiences interact with our beloved teams and players. Technology has even altered the sports themselves, withgeneral consensus in favour of…
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Transfer Deadline Day: Kicking the #FaxOutOfFootball

Monday night brought the curtain down on the busiest day in the football calendar, the close of the European summer transfer window. The day of the year when Jim White is unleashed on our screens,…
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