Guest post by Penny Townsend, Director, EMEA Operations at Conga. 

Your sales team is happily DocuSigning away on quotes when they ask you to include additional data from related lists, add images and apply logic to display the correct currency. What do you do? When sophisticated quotes, contracts and more are needed, DocuSign customers turn to Conga Composer. Conga Composer provides fully customisable document templates that integrate with DocuSign to give you the best of document generation and eSignature.

Conga Composer makes it easy to compile data from any custom or standard object in Salesforce into sophisticated documents, presentations and reports. With Composer Salesforce users can automatically populate Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates with rich data and dynamic content. With the seamless integration of Conga Composer and DocuSign, customers are able to significantly optimize their business and achieve tremendous value. 

  1. Close Business Faster

With a single click, customers can create and send documents for signatures. These documents can then capture data from signers to push back into Salesforce – a great method for enhancing tracking and managing any deal or project.

  1. Eliminate Errors

Data from multiple standard or custom objects, including product tables and related lists, can be merged easily and without any slip-ups. Depending on business rules, customers are able to dynamically group, show or hide document content and Salesforce data. The customized document templates that our customers use produce consistent, accurate output results every time.

  1. Increase Productivity

With the blend of Composer and DocuSign, customers can predefine recipients, routing order and envelope settings. Time management is improved thanks to the ability to log activities, create follow-up tasks and track the status of envelopes in Salesforce.

The idea of combining document generation and eSignatures seems like ano-brainer, and has proven to help many Salesforce users execute efficient and successful projects.


See more about Conga Composer’s integration with DocuSign in this two-minute demo video.

Ready to take your eSignature solution to the next level? Here’s a step-by-step integration guide.

Conga are joining DocuSign at MOMENTUM’15 London on the 2nd June where you can learn more about the partnership.