I have been lucky enough to of witnessed the exponential growth in the DocuSign business globally and in particular in the UK market. My first experience with DocuSign came in 2009 in my previous IT sales role. As an end user I saw the immediate impact DocuSign had in helping my colleagues and myself in sales close business in a timely manner. Our customers loved how easy it was to sign contracts. My manager at the time was forever quoting his love of DocuSign; being able to counter-sign deals wherever he was across Europe on his mobile. As a sales person I was ecstatic that I no longer had to scan documents that were posted or faxed back to me.

Prior to this I only had a couple of year’s sales experience and will forever remember being unable to close a deal at the end of a quarter as my prospects printer was out of order!!!! Furthermore I could spend more time on the parts of the job that I enjoyed the most (talking to people). Those of you that know me can testify I love to talk.

When I received a call from a recruiter about a position at DocuSign they were amazed that I knew the technology. I will testify to this day that I think that helped me get the job and was the first sales person to service the market from the UK.

It became clear that the property market was one of the key markets for DocuSign’s rapid US expansion. Whilst the company had some great brands as UK customers, we were hardly known in the property space – our Open House in the autumn of 2011 only had one property attendee. In fact we only had a few property customers. A lot has changed in the last few years.

At DocuSign MOMENTUM EMEA 2014 we expect to have close to 100 agents (sadly not all our customers can come) in attendance from a range of different agencies independent, regional brands and National agents will all be present. Our customers in the property space have looked at DocuSign to eliminate/ reduce postage costs, to cut ink costs, to remove the need to witness agreements and enabled tenancy agreements, Terms of Business agreements and much more to be signed ‘anywhere, anytime and on any device’ whilst making it easier for tenants, landlords and guarantors alike to do business with their business.

We really are not just electronic signatures but provide workflow (think the number of parties involved in a student let), signatures, authentication, data capture and much more. The market has evolved from simple electronic signature, to Digital Transaction Management. You will find out a lot more on this at the conference. I am also delighted that some of our property customers will be on stage to share their stories with Matthew Gibbons and myself during our Property Panel.