An interview with Ray Apy, President and CEO of Annese & Associates, Inc.  

They say it takes a village and that is particularly true when it comes to torching a new (digital) reality.

In fact, our recent partner, Annese & Associates, Inc., points squarely at team dynamics as a key success in today’s cloud-centric business world. 

But how does it all play out?

We called upon President & CEO, Ray Apy, to explain more; his responses inspired and energized our commitment to connectivity.

What are Annese & Associates specialities?

Our business is the art, science, and passion of connecting devices to networks, people to people, and ideas to action. Our medium for accomplishing this is through our three key areas of expertise: data center and virtualization, collaboration, and network infrastructure. Around these core practices, we wrap consulting, implementation, and support services, all delivered by an exceedingly caring and talented team.

Who is your customer and what challenges are you excited so solve? 

Across government, education, healthcare, financial, professional service and manufacturing organizations, our customer has historically been, and still is primarily, the technology decision-maker. Often that is the CIO or IT Director. The further we build our business "down market" (into smaller organizations / businesses), that person may be an owner, president, financial or operations officer/manager. The further our industry pushes technology applications and infrastructure to "the cloud," that person may be a line of business manager who has reason and authority to procure "pay as you go per person" business application services to meet the specific needs of their own staff. The challenge we are always most excited to solve is our customer's greatest pain point in business. That can be reducing costs, increasing revenue, or operating more smoothly from an IT, communications, or personnel workflow perspective.

How do you envision customer success with Annese & Associates? 

I envision customer success when a client becomes willing to say emphatically that they would recommend Annese to a friend or peer, and begins to view Annese as a partner and an extension of their own team, moreso than a supplier of services or goods. When these two things occur, then I know we have helped this customer in a meaningful and consistent way, over time!

What are your goals to grow your business and how are you leveraging digital partners, like DocuSign, to make this happen? 

Our strategy is all around services. We are most excited about growing the service component of our business and to do that we constantly seek professional service opportunities to accompany product sales, remote managed service opportunities to support our clients after project completion, and cloud services to help our clients plan and make the transition to the future of "off premise" technology solutions.

What is the most important value for Annese & Associates?

Teamwork: Together, we work magic and radically exceed client expectations.

As an industry leader, what are key trends you think will dominate 2015? 

Data center virtualization and consolidation, as well as the overall transition to cloud.

How are you leveraging mobile technology in your industry solutions? 

Secure mobility is a consistent theme across most of our client projects. We enable the client's business applications across the enterprise on wired and wireless platforms. Access to data and systems from remote locations has also been a key component of Annese's network infrastructure offerings for many years.  

Thank you so much, Ray!

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