If you were to wander around your local college campus, you won’t miss one detail: everyone lives and breathes digital. Mobile phones, laptops, eReaders…not a piece of paper in sight among next generation’s super stars.

But then you meander into an administrative office and kappow – paper: HR on-boarding forms, financial aid paperwork, paperwork for paperwork.

You then wonder if the news reports that tout online learning and digital education even know how much paperwork is required to operate a higher education institution?

Just like professors delight in an electronic version of required reading, administrators can revel in digitizing all paper-based processes. Benefits include (and are not limited to):

·  Significant cost savings per transaction

·  Reduced error rates on forms

·  Speed and efficiency gains per transaction, which represent costs

·  Going green as Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is far less impactful on the environment

Here at DocuSign, we’re dedicated to offering the highest standards in digital transactions and workflows. We’re proud to have worked over a year to validate our services for higher education institutions with Internet2, a community of U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government who create and collaborate via innovative technologies. Additionally, we’ve passed this very stringent service validation and have joined the In Common Federation. 12 major universities from across the US participated in the service validation effort and confirmed that DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management (DTM) meets the security and technical capabilities required for higher education to fully thrive.

Curious about how this will pack a punch?

By going digital, administrators for the following departments can heave a sigh of relief (no more paper!)

  • Admissions – small group of stakeholders (parents, students and deans) can sign many forms through bulk send and store all in one transactional envelope where the status is fully visible.
  • Financial Services/ Financial Aid  – Power forms to make any self-service option on student portals run that much smoother
  • Procurement
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources – manage internal signatures whenever needed.
  • Research Initiatives
  • Facilities Management
  • Athletics’ Departments

Enough with the teasers and there are definitely many use cases where DTM made life easier and drove a massive call for ‘digital’ adoption.

Curious to learn more? Drop us a line at KMTeam@docusign.com and our dedicated implementation experts are excited to start your digital adoption journey.