Is there a secret code to revving up revenue? Particularly in our digital era, we play with ideas and strategies that leverage technologies to work magic in our favor.

But it isn’t complicated.

In fact, it’s a 1-2-3 operation where we’re turning software code into a platform of user-friendly ease. And today, I reveal all.

1) Digitizing our Demand Generation

Consider a broad digital marketing infrastructure to maximize the upper pipeline demand generation.  I’ll reveal that DocuSign’s Go-To-Market approach; we received over 135k leads a quarter by sweeping the markets all the way from consumer to large enterprises. The ‘digitization’ efforts we deployed allow us to use predictive analytics to prioritize our leads and ensure our resources work on the highest value targets first.  We have seen significant increases in conversion and win rates by adopting these processes.

2) Leveraging Social Data for Effective Social Selling

Seek multiple sources for your social data and analytics to add optimum industry context to all decisions. serves as one key touch point as it marries industry data for our existing customers with similar companies.

Also, consider data from professional social networks like LinkedIn, which is enabled to feed into Salesforce.

The goal is to sharpen your sales tools for absolute efficiency by maximizing access to all possible connections.

3) Customer Access and Experience as a Top Line Priority

When you’ve a platform that lives and breathes easy access and convenience, you feed into a healthy brand reputation. If you add these two words to your digital revenue strategy, you’ll incite a domino increase of ROI.  

  • Integration: Saas and CRM platforms see the best results and ROI when streamlined for easy access and document visibility regardless of devise, location or time.


  • Visibility: All stakeholders should be able keep their eyes on cycling documents. Workflows should never screech to a halt simple because a signer is in a different country or time zone.


Speed is as much of the essence as time in this global economy. A thriving business needs digital platforms that sync with all devices and tools. Without this harmony, revenue is just a word. If you’ve a digital platform that keeps all user touch points firm in mind, you’ll sign off contracts and trigger downstream (revenue-boosting) processes.

In doing so, your revenue strategy will be pumped with vigor and stamina. So go forth and digitize: there are no reasons why you shouldn’t. 

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