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Treatwell’s Partner Sign-Up Gets a Healthy Boost

The “Customer Spotlight” series shines a light on DocuSign customers who are benefiting from digitising their business processes with electronic signatures.

Nicole Hennig, Salesforce Project Manager, explains how Treatwell optimised its supplier sign-up process with DocuSign for Salesforce, bringing on partners in minutes.

Q: Hi Nicole, can you tell us a bit about Treatwell and your role specifically?

Treatwell is the world’s leading online marketplace for hair and beauty bookings. Our mission is to create the perfect hair and beauty experience by seamlessly connecting the customer with the right expert, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I work in the Salesforce team. Salesforce is our CRM tool for suppliers. My team and I design, implement and optimise processes along our supplier funnel. This includes sign-up, profile creation, all the way through to when the account managers help the partners to optimise their page to provide the perfect customer experience.

Q: From your company’s perspective, what were you trying to achieve with electronic signatures?

We wanted a multi-faceted eSignature feature. It had to be integrated with Salesforce and needed to work on all the devices that our sales team use. We also wanted it to be flexible and customisable so we can localise the contracts for the different markets across Europe.

In the past, our sales team would go to the venues with the paper contracts to fill in with the partner and then manually enter the information into Salesforce. The information would then be pushed to the next team to create the profile and set up the partner’s price list and so on.

We wanted to enable our team to be more efficient, talk to more salons and find the best ones for our platform. The goal was to reduce the time spent on administrative work and spend more time talking to the people.

To do this, we used the DocuSign integration with Salesforce. We customised it in a way that the salesperson can now fill in the information together with the partner. It immediately gets sent to Salesforce, so the people in the office can start creating the profile. For the partner, it’s great because they receive a copy of the signed agreement via email, rather than having a paper contract lying around.

Q: Why is going digital with technologies like DocuSign and Salesforce important?

As an eCommerce company, we believe the future is online. When we offer the solution to our customers, we can be faster in replying to customer and supplier needs with DocuSign and Salesforce. We can be more efficient.

We have field and inside sales teams that look for the best partners to work with. The field sales teams use DocuSign on tablets, when they’re at a new partner, to collect the information we need to create the perfect profile and sign the partnership agreement. The inside sales reps use it from their laptops while on the phone in the office.

Q: In the future, do you see Treatwell using eSignatures in other parts of the business?

Yes, we work in 11 countries with over 25,000 partners and have a lot more joining every day, but we wanted to see how it would work in one country. We started using DocuSign in Spain, testing the experience on Android, iOS, tablets and desktops.

We had very good feedback, so we’re starting to roll it out across the whole of the sales team across the 11 countries. We’re busy with that right now because everyone wants to have it. We’re also exploring the option for our HR and finance teams, as there’s clear potential for them to acquire signatures faster.

Q: What were the most important aspects of DocuSign to Treatwell?

We like that you have the different options for signing, whether it be immediately after the document has been sent, or later via email. Our partners are busy providing their treatments, so although they’re interested in joining Treatwell, they might not have the time to fill out paperwork immediately.

Previously, our sales team would email the contract and the partner would need to print it, fill it in, scan it, and send it back. Sending the contract via DocuSign means they can easily fill it in and return it when they’re ready. It’s a much better experience.

Q: Do you have any ROI examples you could share?

The period between us signing up a partner and them going live has decreased because we receive the information faster. As DocuSign is so easy, our drop-off rate has reduced dramatically. If people are interested in our platform, we send them the contract and they sign up in a couple of minutes.

Q: It sounds like your sales team is feeling positive towards electronic signatures. What about your partners? How do they feel about it?

The sales team is a lot more successful because of DocuSign. When it comes to the partners, a lot of them really appreciate it and love to use it. A couple of people have asked questions about it, but once they realise how secure and easy DocuSign is, they really like it.

Q: What advice would you give to those looking implement DocuSign in their business, or for a similar use case?

Just do it. When I look back, I realise we should have rolled out the implementation faster and not been so hesitant. Especially in combination with the likes of Salesforce, it’s very powerful and can help you a lot.

Q: And finally, which three words come to mind when you think of DocuSign?

Easy. Efficient. And flexible.

Great, thanks, Nicole!

DocuSign for Salesforce is the exclusive electronic signature solution used by Salesforce sales reps to keep business moving.


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