UK Law Firms and DocuSign: The best practice, hints and tips for popular use cases.

UK Law Firms and DocuSign: The best practice, hints and tips for popular use cases.

We recently sent out a survey to UK Law firms to understand the areas where more information on DocuSign functionality would be helpful. The legal team at DocuSign have created a one-hour on-demand webinar where you can discover hints, tips and best practices in the areas you told us would be the most useful. The webinar was hosted by members of the DocuSign Legal Team, including Account Directors Emily Shed and Andrew Tout and demonstrations from Solution Consultant Kelly Ryan. Watch the best practice hints and tips webinar.

The three areas that the webinar focuses on include:

  • Templates and ID verification - covering how to use DocuSign templates with a client engagement letter case.
  • Document visibility and eWitness - this demonstration covers how to submit deeds to HMLR with witnessing and OLP. 
  • DocuSign and Microsoft Teams - using DocuSign directly from Microsoft Teams.

All of the demonstrations use the Enterprise Pro edition of DocuSign. Here are some of the highlights from the webinar:

Templates and ID Verification

DocuSign advocates the use of templates in best practices for many reasons. An online vote during the webinar suggested that less than 20 percent of legal customers are using templates which is less than customers from sectors outside of legal. There are many reasons why it’s beneficial to use templates, and standardising processes ensures that you get the right outcome every time. 

Using a template also increases efficiency and reduces the risks of human error. In the webinar, Kelly demonstrates how to set up a template for a Client Engagement Letter, but templates can be set up for several types of legal documents. Kelly also points out that templates can often be a ‘starting point’, and it’s simple to make amends or deviation required from the base template rather than starting from scratch, which will still increase efficiency. 

  • Lock-in a document sign-off routing order

When setting up a template, you can lock in a routing order for a document and place signature fields from the get-go. 

  • Add in DocuSign ID Verification

You can also lock in DocuSign ID Verification if required. So your client can access the ID verification process and upload an image of their ID, such as a passport, and access the document for signing in one seamless process. Using this in a template can save a lot of time, and you can find out more about DocuSign ID Verification

  • Build in reminders and edit templates

You can also add built-in reminders to standard flows and customise branding. If you do wish to edit a template later, you can pull over text boxes to customise contracts as needed each time.

Kelly also mentioned template matching; if a user drags and drops a new document in DocuSign on a drag and drop basis and some of the words are the same as a template, DocuSign will give you the option to match to an existing template. 

Watch the webinar now, on-demand.

UK Law Firms and DocuSign: Best practice, hints & tips for your most popular use cases

Submitting documents to HMLR via DocuSign

Andrew guides those who want to know more about submitting documents to HMLR via DocuSign. DocuSign eWitness provides solutions for signing and witnessing documents and deeds, including HM Land Registry deeds, and you can discover more in our guide to DocuSign ewitness guide to electronic witnessing.

You can also use a template for submitting documents to HMLR via DocuSign and request two-factor authentication from the signer and witness in the same workflow. Kelly demonstrates this during the webinar. The signer can specify a witness, or the conveyancer can identify the witness. 

Document visibility

The advanced workflow around document visibility controls who can see what is within a workflow, and you can configure at a granular level to guide who can see which document in an envelope. This enables witnesses to see the necessary signing pages without viewing complete documents. HMLR have confirmed that they don’t have an issue with a document being separate electronically as long as the clause can be adequately seen and shared as one envelope or pdf. The DocuSign eWitness tool is included with Enterprise Pro - there is also the ability to add on SMS delivery.

DocuSign and Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is becoming particularly popular, and it makes life easier to use DocuSign when it’s integrated into the systems you already use. The final demo shows how to access DocuSign directly from Teams using chat commands with DocuSign for Teams. Standard integration is demonstrated in the webinar. You can send an envelope and get notifications to sign via Teams. Andrew says that 60% of transactions occur when connected or integrated with another platform or system, which benefits the adoption of eSignature or DocuSign in legal teams. 

As DocuSign usage has increased, there are options for best practice support and getting users to become proficient, including DocuSign University and other training options.

Watch the webinar now, on-demand.

UK Law Firms and DocuSign: Best practice, hints & tips for your most popular use cases