By Maria Dillon, Senior HR Manager, EMEA for DocuSign

Since the global recession, the business world has changed and the HR sector is no exception. Technology has disrupted HR in many ways. Teams are now far more proactive in their roles, in fact, HR departments have evolved into a core strategic component for many organisations, by virtue of applying data to their relationships with business leaders. The department’s roles and responsibilities have grown from the management of personnel, into making decisions that can deliver a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace. HR can save, or lose, millions for a business, from recruitment, learning and development to retaining the hottest talent in the industry.

With this weight of expectation now resting on their shoulders, the question is, how can HR teams ensure they reach their full potential? The answer lies in the adoption of the latest technology.

Recruiting in a Talent War

The chances are, when you are recruiting for top talent, your competitors are too, often meaning that you and your competitors are talking to the same candidates. HR and recruitment teams are responsible for consistently, and successfully, finding great candidates and getting them in the door.

With that responsibility on their shoulders it is important that these teams are equipped with the best technology in order to win this war on talent. With this competition it is vital your company is the quickest to engage and stay engaged with the candidate especially at the offer stage. E-signature technology is the game changer in this regard.

Once the initial selling of the offer is agreed verbally with the candidate, they can receive the contract within minutes. This helps ensure the candidate knows how important they are to the company and removes obstacles such as physically looking for company signatories, scanning and or posting. Generation Y/Millennials and recent graduates for example, expect to find information in an easy and accessible manner such as on their phones and tablets.

Using the right tools means candidates can received their contract, pre boarding documents and any other information on their role from any device, anywhere in the world securely. With this technology you are ensuring you making things easy for the candidate, creating a much smoother process.

Candidates increasingly want to feel they are valued, and not just another number. By employing the tools that help the HR teams influence business decisions, companies can ensure that those great candidates become great employees.

Retention of Top Talent

Not only is great talent hard to come by, it’s equally difficult to hold onto. So whilst recruitment is a priority, keeping your best people in the business is equally important. With ‘job-hopping’ becoming a stark reality in recent years, it’s now more vital than ever that employees are provided with the support they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Employees, just like candidates need to know their value and if they are not getting this reassurance from their managers and the company they can easily update their online professional profile and wait for the “head hunting” calls.

Very often, work can take over and it becomes difficult to ensure every team member knows their value and has the reassurance and support they need. To this point it is important that HR have the ability to track performance and talent reviews at the touch of a button. Gentle reminders on the importance of this communication can be the difference in employees updating that professional profile.

Wealth of Data

With HR teams becoming an integral aspect of the business, it’s important that they can make informed contributions to the overall strategy. Increasing their ability to do so means they need access to the tools that allow them to back up their business recommendations with reliable data. So if HR teams feel they’ve achieved real success with a particular programme or if they have identified an area for investment, they have the data to back up their pitch to the executives.

Being equipped with this evidence and analysis means HR teams can identify trends and make judgments that ensure they have a strong voice in the boardroom. It means that HR can truly drive meaningful changes to the business.

In essence, the businesses that invest and provide the necessary tools for their HR teams will excel. Technology not only has the potential to free HR teams from the daily, administrative burdens by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of certain tasks, it allows for HR teams to work with business leaders to focus on growth and success.

Make Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding, and just Plain Working Easier

HR is all about serving your people, whether they are shiny new recruits or lifetime employees. Make their interactions with you even more exceptional by getting those important documents to them for review and signature quickly and conveniently on any digital device. See how DocuSign helps HR.


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