An interesting question, considering technology has robbed us of the artistic flourishes our ancestors used to write their names with ink and quill. Just picture King John signing Magna Carta. Even so, whatever chicken scratch your signature has devolved into, it still can tell a great deal about your personality.

Are you creative? Shy? Enthusiastic? See what your autograph reveals. Take the test. Click on the image below. 2015-07-10 09-29-54


A personalised infographic will be created based on your signature. (Mine indicated that I am “Noble and obsessive…but a couch potato!!”)

What does a DocuSign signature say about you?


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For our customers and users, a signature via DocuSign shows innovation, ease of use, convenience, anytime access, security, dependability, service, safety, global reach… you get the idea.

And in case you missed the link to the signature evaluator, here it is again.