Home builders are an essential part of the US economy. No matter if it's a large company or an individual builder, this industry thrives off of positive customer experiences. Naturally, they all search for tools and processes that make their operations more efficient while offering the absolute best customer experience.

However, the 2008 recession packed a punch and led to actions to reduce their costs internally to stay afloat. Painfully, as many of us remember, that resulted in reductions in the workforce. While the economy regained health, the home building industry did not bounce back with the same spring: jobs are returning but these companies are not back to the same number of employees.

How to fix this imbalance in workforce volume?

Enter technology.

While this industry had already been technologically automated to a degree, the focus now moves towards improving processes, reducing paper, and performing “more with less.”

Thus, they enter the realm of the fully end-to-end digital transaction enabled by eSignature. 

Principal in their practice, home builders acquire and develop land, build and foster communities. On a financial note, some companies even offer financing while some offer title and insurance services, thus providing a full set of services to home buyers.

All of these processes have traditionally been very paper-intensive.

Forms and other documents are printed, mailed, signed, mailed again, scanned into the content management system (if they have one..) and then shredded. 

Elapsed time for a properly completed set of forms can be days or weeks and then if all the right signatures are not obtained, the process can easily begin again with a doubling or tripling of the time needed to receive a “clean” set of forms, not to mention that costs are also doubling or tripling when multiple sets of forms need to be sent out.

In an increasingly fast paced market, the need for signed documents only gets faster. Signatures are here to stay, but not the paper. Home builders are turning to digital tools, like Digital Transaction Management (DTM), to get the signatures they need and replace the movement of paper with the transmission of secure and encrypted documents signed on a cloud-based web platform or a mobile device. If a customer calls a service hotline for a transaction, the call center rep can get a signature before the call ends.  Much “greener” process, no lost mail and much happier customers

If you are a manager at a home building company looking to improve your processes, reduce paper used, improve the quality of your services and create an excellent customer experience, we’re here to get you started. Just leave your questions in the comments below or e-mail us at KMteam@docusign.com.

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