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Just about everyone at some point works with IT. Regardless of your industry, the first step to a fully digital business is setting up your kit: computers, phones, tablets, usernames, passwords, etc. But who orchestrates the supply of digital oxygen for an organization?

The IT department – the lifeblood of digital business.   

Naturally, IT teams endure a fair amount of workflow and document tracking, but many are stuck with podgy paper-based processes that drain resources and block quick distribution of digital tools throughout the broader organization.  

Let’s make it easy: If a business wants to go fully digital, the IT department should take the lead as the first digital adopter.

And the method couldn’t be simpler: Digital Transaction Management platforms whip out the need for paper. IT managers and coordinators can gleefully digitize employee acknowledgement of IT assets or any data collection documents.

IT is the first domino and if they can streamline the supply and management of digital tools, the only side effects are meatier ROI and happier employees and customers.

Why shouldn’t you digitize your IT department?

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