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The digital age calls for change in the healthcare sector. TeleDoctor24 is one of the first companies in telemedicine that can legally issue e-prescriptions and online sick leave. The company focuses on what is really important – treating patients quickly and comfortably. Together with DocuSign, TeleDoctor24 enables a fully digital and practical experience. Patients can attend appointments from the comfort of their own home and then redeem e-prescriptions in over 8,500 cooperating pharmacies throughout Germany, or receive them by courier service.

The healthcare system in Germany

Telemedicine is still a very new field globally due to high levels of regulation and restriction. In 2018, Germany eased its restrictions on remote treatment, thus allowing doctors to evaluate patients online. As a telemedicine trailblazer, TeleDoctor24 is seeking to showcase the countless advantages of telemedicine to its patients across Germany and further afield. As it stands, it can take days, weeks, or sometimes even months to get an appointment with a specialist. Using telemedicine can cut this process to just a few minutes. Long journeys and unpleasant waiting rooms become a thing of the past.

TeleDoctor24 offers two ways of receiving remote medical advice

A patient can request a doctor with a specific medical speciality when making their initial appointment. TeleDoctor24 provides doctors from 20 different specialist areas including - family doctors, cardiologists, pulmonologists, diabetologists, urologists, gynaecologists, general surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, dentists, dermatologists, paediatricians, and more. This saves the patient unnecessary time and streamlines the entire appointment process. Patients can be examined as quickly as 30 minutes from their time of booking.

Alternatively, a patient can have a video consultation with a medical assistant who carries out an initial assessment and forwards the patient accordingly to an available doctor from the required specialist area. This process takes about 3-5 minutes and the patient is then forwarded directly to the appropriate doctor, who then carries out the treatment online.

IDnow: The solution for a purely digital qualified electronic signature (QES)

TeleDoctor24 uses DocuSign Identify and eSignature to issue legally valid e-prescriptions and online sick leave. DocuSign Identify offers a wide range of methods to verify the identity of a signer. The app integrates the document signature together with the remote video identification from the ID provider IDNow in order to issue a qualified electronic signature that is legally valid and corresponds to a handwritten signature in Germany and throughout Europe.

Using DocuSign Identify, TeleDoctor24 checks its doctors and, by digitally signing the treatment contract, doctors can theoretically be onboarded the same day. This serves for secure identity verification and enables the company to maintain a purely digital solution for qualified electronic signatures (QES).

The QES is one of three signatures (SES, AES) that, according to the eIDAS regulation, has ensured that electronic signatures hold the same validity as a wet signature. In addition to the simple (SES) and advanced signature (AES), the QES is the highest level of the eIDAS regulation and is therefore the most complex of the three.

The DocuSign experience

DocuSign plays a major role for TeleDoctor24, because, without DocuSign’s digital solutions, TeleDoctor24 would not be able to conduct its business in the same way. Dr. Jahanyar is enthusiastic about the partnership between Teledoktor24 and DocuSign, and explains that he has always felt and been treated like more than just a customer.