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For calculation purposes, signing includes five pages of document created by others. Sending includes creating five pages of document and sending it to one person.


Wood (kgs)

1 tree = 5022 kgs wood

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1 tree = 5022 kgs wood

Digital Signatures Save Trees

Trees provide habitats for animals, convert climate-changing CO2 to oxygen, and help clean our water. In 2016 alone, the DocuSign global network saved 436 acres’ worth.*

*Source: DocuSign Blog, “Celebrate Earth Day & Switch from Paper to Pixels


Water (litres)

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Paperless Solutions Save Water

Everyone knows paper is made from trees. But the paper-making process also requires water, more than three litres per single sheet.* By taking paper’s place, DocuSign conserves this life-giving liquid.

*Source: Atlantic Monthly


Money (GBP)

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Going Paperless Saves Time

Paper costs up to £775 per ton, but it has hidden costs too: The average information worker wastes an incredible £14734 per year* chasing paper documents.

*Source: IDC


Time (hours)

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Electronic Signatures Save Time

We spend an average of 30 minutes each day searching for paper documents—16 days a year!* With DocuSign, there’s no paper to lose, giving you back the most precious resource of all.


What’s your contribution to your bottom line and the planet?

Trees. Water. Carbon emissions. The environmental impact of paper production for use in document-intensive business workflows is significant, and avoidable. In an age when nearly everything else is digital, there’s clearly a much better way.  

DocuSign is helping organisations of all sizes to go paperless by eliminating printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting of paper documents. Whether you’re in banking, real estate, government, education or any sort of office, now is the time to switch to paperless solutions. Delight your customers with DocuSign’s easy-to-use electronic signatures. And the best part – you don’t only save your business time and money, but also precious natural resources. Your customers will thank you. So will the planet.

See how easy it is to save with DocuSign paperless digital signatures.

See how easy it is to save with DocuSign