How to digitally sign documents

Learn how to digitally sign documents

With DocuSign, you can digitally sign documents online or on the road. DocuSign enables you sign, send, request a signature, and securely manage documents from any device. You can even use DocuSign with the apps you already have such as Gmail and Outlook.

DocuSign’s digital signatures reduce your need to rely on physical documents. Easily retrieve and manage all your documents in the cloud. Furthermore, DocuSign’s secure encryption and audit trails ensure documents are tamper-evident.

Digitally signing documents has many benefits:

  • Keep clients happy: Client satisfaction skyrockets with quickly completed deals

  • Do business faster: Close the deal and move on with your day

  • Make transaction secure: Enjoy bank-level verification and authentication

  • Reduce costs: Eliminate paper, printing, faxing and overnighting

  • Ensure compliance: Get binding and court-admissible audit trails

Learn how to digitally sign documents using our mobile app on your iPad or smartphone and more with our 30-day free trial.