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Accelerate How You Create And Negotiate Agreements

There are many challenges and frustrations with the typical agreement process. Two that have the most impact on your business include manual data entry and contract negotiations that take too long. As a result of inefficiencies in the collaboration, review and approval process, negotiations are taking much longer than they should.

DocuSign's Negotiate for Salesforce tool is purpose built for smaller businesses to integrate their negotiation workflow for automated contract generation and seamless centralised approvals managed within Salesforce. Ensuring that it is easy to maintain your contracts and supports you through the entire agreement process.

Special guest Caryn Johnston joined us from Salesforce to talk about their AppExchange and how DocuSign can easily tie into your existing Sales process.

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar to understand how to streamline your workflow and see Gen and Negotiate in action.


Guest speaker: 

Caryn Johnston, Regional Sales Director - Independent Software Vendors at Salesforce


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