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A conversation about adoption in Norway & Odfjell Drilling’s success story

If you’ve ever applied for a credit card or opened a bank account, chances are you’ve had to verify your identity by showing your ID, answering questions about yourself, or providing additional documentation. The identification process becomes more rigorous as the value of the transaction or risk increases often involving in-person security authentication.

Now, with DocuSign Identify you can authenticate identification of a signer's government issued IDs including passports, driving licenses and European eIDs anytime, anywhere.

Watch this 40-minute on-demand webinar to see the DocuSign Agreement Cloud and Identify in action and understand how you can authenticate ID for faster, easier and more secure agreement completion.


Special guest Laasby Kjetil Andreas, VP IT at Odfjell Drilling discusses his experience of adopting DocuSign in to the organisation and recommendations of how you can get started.


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