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Automate Processes & Reduce Risk In Your Supply Chain

Do you find your supply chain is long, disconnected and open to risk?

From the back office right to the frontline, employees are working in disconnected environments. Providing a full end-to-end contract lifecycle management, DocuSign's CLM can integrate and connect with the systems you're already using, and partnered with DSI’s Cloud Inventory® together they provide a flexible, agile, and mobile front-end solution for the data capture required to maximise your capabilities.

Join us in this 45-minute webinar to hear from DocuSign's Partner Account Manager, Sean Fitzgerald, DSI® representatives Jim Hoskins, VP of Industry Solutions, and Vicki Holmes, Senior Director of Alliances, who will demonstrate how the partnership between DocuSign and DSI can provide:

  • accelerated and contactless technologies to improve supply chain efficiency
  • technology that keeps employees safe
  • compliance that protects your bottom line
  • delivers actionable intelligence to ensure end-to-end inventory control and visibility

Special guest speaker:

John Thompson, Business Process Lead - Supply Chain from AG Barr, will explain how the soft drink manufacturer known for its IRN-BRU, Rubicon and Tizer products utilises DocuSign and DSI Cloud Inventory to provide real-time inventory visibility to create a connected environment.


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