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Automating the Contracting Process: How Arm Closes More Deals Faster

Legacy sales motions are slow and inefficient, allowing crucial deals to slip and reducing the amount of revenue that can be realised.

This was the case for Arm Holdings, a leading provider of software design, which needed to evolve to keep up with an increasing volume of customers and contracts come quarter-end.

In this live webinar, Delivery Director James French will demonstrate how he automated Arm’s selling cycle with a modern System of Agreement. Learn how, as a result, Arm:

  • Prepares contracts in ServiceNow to populate documents and updates records automatically
  • Signs the contracts 8x faster with DocuSign
  • Manages contract data with Seal Software

About Arm

Arm fuelled the mobile revolution. If you own a mobile or tablet, you are likely using one of Arm’s processor designs. Headquartered in Cambridge, Arm has about 6,250 employees in offices around the world.

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