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Brexit: What's the Deal For Your Agreements?

After 5 years, Britain has now officially made its exit from the European Union (EU). But where does that leave you and your agreements?

As a result of the transition, you may find yourself overwhelmed with multiple business and consumer agreements that are needing to be proactively reviewed and adjusted to ensure you are not exposing yourself to risk such as volatility in pricing and tariffs, change of governing law and data protection. Joined by guest speaker Andrew Hood, Partner at Fieldfisher, we'll take a look at the key impacts of Brexit on UK and European business transactions, and the considerations to make on the contracting process.

Joined by Fieldfisher, find out:

  • Key impacts of Brexit on UK and European business transactions and contracting considerations
  • How you can execute revised agreements quickly and efficiently with all signatories
  • Ways you can collect provable consent to revised T&C’s, disclosures and privacy policies
  • See live demos of fast-solutions in action

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