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Close More Deals Faster by Generating Polished Agreements

Salespeople that manually generate agreements waste time and close fewer deals.

Instead of selling, reps are wasting time re-entering data already in Salesforce, using outdated templates, and copying boilerplate language from other systems. These manual activities slow down deals, kill reps’ productivity, and introduce human errors. Meanwhile, customers are left frustrated, waiting for final, error-free agreements.

With our new product integration, DocuSign Gen for Salesforce, salespeople can close more deals faster by automatically generating polished, configurable agreements with just a few clicks from Salesforce.

Watch this webinar to learn how, with the integration of DocuSign Gen, DocuSign eSignature, and Salesforce, you can automate the agreement process before, during and after eSignature, enabling your sales reps to:

  • Create fast, polished agreements
  • Prepare, sign and store agreements all within Salesforce (Powered by Lightning)
  • Generate agreements that can be reviewed and edited
  • Save time by inserting the right content for the right situation

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