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Defining the Future of Work: Embracing Change to Succeed

Watch this OnDemand webinar with DocuSign, Deloitte and celebrity guest, Derren Brown.

Over the last year we’ve seen a world united with a common goal, to see each other through the uncertainty and adapt to near-constant change. We’ve seen businesses have to react quickly to figure out how to continue to support their employees and customers, to keep moving forward.

The need to accelerate the move to digital processes became apparent, with organisations scrambling to implement technologies in a matter of weeks instead of months. But how do we as humans deal with this change? How can we embrace it and even thrive?

Join Kamal Hathi CTO of DocuSign and Craig Conte, Partner, Deloitte, as they discuss how organisations of all sizes are using technology to innovate and automate processes to set them up for success now and in the future. We also consider the importance of mindset and how companies can successfully manage change, which can sometimes be overlooked when businesses have to react quickly.

We are joined by celebrity guest, Derren Brown, British mentalist, illusionist and bestselling author of Happy and Tricks of the Mind, who shares his perspective on psychological robustness, connectedness and avoiding unnecessary anxiety, which are especially important as we continue to deal with ever-changing circumstances. 

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