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Integrating ServiceNow with DocuSign

Learn how to do business faster, easier and safer by integrating ServiceNow with DocuSign. Service Now is an increasingly popular solution for ensuring documents are processed in a safe and compliant way. But manually routing contracts, duplicating contracts and switching between systems is time-consuming, clunky and prone to error. Learn how integrating ServiceNow with DocuSign will expedite the process while keeping your documents secure.

In this on-demand webinar, you will hear from Madeline Eves at Global Investment Management company, Nuveen, where she will share how and why she rolled out her ServiceNow-DocuSign integration across HR, Finance and Legal, and the impact its had to the business. 


Peter Osbourne, Director, Business Development, DocuSign
P.J. Schwartz, VP of Sales, General Networks
Todd Withers, President, General Networks
Madeline Eves, IT Service Delivery, Nuveen

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