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Save Paper, Save Money And Save The Planet

Saving paper can be a great first-step in organisations becoming cleaner, and greener. And it saves so much more than just paper.

Since DocuSign started in 2003, the 20 billion sheets of paper Docusign and our customers have saved is just the beginning. Also saved were over 2.5 billion gallons of water needed to make that much paper, plus over 140 million pounds of waste. And because that paper was not made, our planet was spared over 2 billion pounds of additional CO₂.

Stacks of papers that need to be signed, filing cabinets full of paperwork— these are quickly becoming relics of the past. Whether or not it’s part of a formal initiative, your company will need to undergo a digital transformation if it’s to keep up with client (and employee) expectations. Going paperless is an essential part of this ‘switch to digital’ and according to Forrester, electronic signature ranks highly among the tools required to make this possible.

Joined by Unilever and Trees for Cities, in this 45-minute on-demand webinar:

  • Understand the state of agreements at the moment
  • Discover the true impact of going paperless and digitising
  • See how you can make your first steps to become a greener organisation
  • Hear from Unilever and Trees for Cities about their experience of digitalising, and their results

Read more about our DocuSign's commitment to forests here.

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