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State of Electronic Signature in the UK in a Post Brexit World

One consequence of the pandemic is that electronic contracts are the new normal. Agreements are now increasingly being managed electronically as lawyers and their clients better appreciate the true practical and operational benefits of being able to contract electronically.

In this on-demand webinar, The Law Society are joined by DocuSign’s Legal Director of Product, Intellectual Property & Regulatory Affairs, Dan Puterbaugh at DocuSign and Allen and Overy’s Senior Professional Support Lawyer, Kyla Santaella who will offer practical advice and insight into how Brexit impacts eSignatures in the UK and EU.

Watch now to find out:

  1. How Brexit impacts your use of electronic signature
  2. What are the different types of electronic signature under the EU’s eIDAS regulations
  3. The latest trends of electronic signature and witnessing of deeds
  4. Hear how other law firms are using electronic signature for cross border transactions
Stephen Denyer, Director of Strategic Relationships at the Law Society
Dan Puterbaugh, Legal Director of Product, Intellectual Property & Regulatory Affairs at DocuSign
Kyla Santaella, Senior Professional Support Lawyer at Allen and Overy

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