On-Demand Webinar

The End Of Privacy Shield - What's Next For Agreements?

The July 16 Schrems II decision left over 5,000 companies with agreements representing over $7 trillion in transactions without a clear EU/US data sharing framework — and with no grace period. Further, as companies on both sides of the Atlantic assess their options, even standard contractual clauses and binding corporate rules are now subject to enhanced scrutiny.

Join legal, AI, and data privacy experts from Fieldfisher and DocuSign for an analysis of the practical impact of Schrems II and insights into how companies are preparing for EU/US commerce in a post-Privacy Shield world.

Joined by Fieldfisher, in this 45-minute on-demand webinar:
  • Find out options and models for transatlantic data transfer in a clear, comprehensible way
  • Recognise how to quickly identify data privacy risk areas across your entire contract portfolio
  • Automatically analyse new agreements for data privacy risk with purpose-built AI
  • Efficiently update existing agreements to adhere to evolving standards

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