Apposite Lab for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Phone? eMail? DocuSign! from anywhere in Dynamics CRM with any CRM data for seamless documents. With Apposite’s integration for Dynamics CRM, users create DocuSign documents from within CRM just like any other CRM Activity, whether using a standard or customised CRM implementation, without further integration, customisation or development being required.

Signatories receive an email to sign their documents, and can securely DocuSign in seconds anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected device. Automatically recorded inside Dynamics CRM, document status is tracked throughout the process to give complete visibility and control.

By implementing DocuSign as a ubiquitous, system wide Dynamics CRM Activity, integration with deeply customised Dynamics CRM implementations is achieved as standard.

Many customer implementations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM need custom data entities and schema enhancements. Apposite’s integration with DocuSign enables data fields from any part of the Dynamics CRM integration to be mapped to DocuSign Form Fields in DocuSign Templates. This allows users to launch documents for “DocuSigning” from anywhere within the Dynamics CRM system with automatic population of DocuSign Form Fields from CRM data.

Further, because the integration presents DocuSign Documents as a generic system wide CRM Activity, the Dynamics CRM built-in functionality for viewing and reporting is available and can be user-customized as required.

DocuSign’s unique Envelope ID is returned and stored on the DocuSign Document activity record within Dynamics CRM and status of all DocuSign Documents created from Dynamics CRM is tracked and refreshed as a background process, so that any system wide reporting for multiple users is up to date and accurate.

DocuSigning from Dynamics CRM can be launched from the Dynamics CRM UI or from Outlook.

All Apposite Technology Apposite Lab integrations use the DocuSign certified ALapi integration harness, enabling rapid deployment and extension as required.

Key Features

  • Documents sent through DocuSign from any standard or custom CRM Entity using DocuSign Templates
  • DocuSign Template holds document, recipient workflow, reminder & expiry control, CRM Entity schema mapping
  • Template Data Fields can be mapped to allow adhoc data capture
  • DocuSign Envelope Custom Fields supported
  • DocuSign Document Activity record in CRM for system wide status updating and to enable drill through to view document in DocuSign


Got Questions?

Apposite Lab for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is distributed and supported by Apposite Technology Partners plc, headquartered in UK, and our Solution Partners.


Apposite Lab for Microsoft Dynamics CRM works with DocuSign Workgroup and above DocuSign accounts.

On premise, on line and Office 365 implementations of Dynamics CRM are supported. On premise implementations must be Internet Facing Deployment (“IFD”) enabled. Integration is available from the Dynamics CRM browser UI or through Microsoft Outlook.

About the Partner

APPOSITE TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS supports the mid-market software Solution Partner channel in delivering novel, compelling business applications to their customer communities. The DocuSign electronic signing transaction platform for which we act as a value added distributor in UK, Eire, Nordics, Benelux & South Africa is our principal focus. 

Customer Testimonials

“By implementing DocuSign as a ubiquitous, system wide Dynamics CRM Activity, integration with deeply customised Dynamics CRM implementations is achieved as standard.”

Gustaf Westerlund, MVP Dynamics CRM & CEO CRM-Konsulterna Dynamics CRM & DocuSign Apposite Integration Architect

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