Apttus Contract Management

Apttus Contract Management is one of the most functionally rich solutions available today. The enterprise capability can manage to any type of contract, process or function.

The solution is modular, so you choose which part of the contract function you wish to automate. The system can be used for a handful of users right up to tens of thousands of users.

Apttus Contract Management is used by hundreds of thousands of users today. Many of the Fortune 500, Global companies and smaller companies utilize Apttus. The tool is structured in modules which allow for the complete, end to end lifecycle of request, creation, negotiation, storage, electronic signature, compliance and analytics.

Apttus Contract Management can manage to any type of contract, process or function. Apttus utilizes the most advanced authoring capability available today, X-Author, allowing users to perform a contract function directly from within Microsoft Office with full sychronization to Salesforce.

Apttus Contract Management is a modular application allowing you to choose which part of your contract function you wish to automate. Whether you want to reduce your sales contract request cycle or provide Legal with advanced authoring and Legal Playbooks or for Finance to simple review obligations and commitments, Apttus does it all. The system is upwardly or downwardly scalable allowing you to scale at


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Apttus comes from the Latin word "aptus", which means suitable, capable and fast. Apttus was formed to deliver the promise of enterprise class application capability, but extremely rapidly and with high value. Apttus has combined deep expertise with the Salesforce platform and launched the company with the Contract Management Suite. Apttus’ goal is to provide organizations with an alternative, significantly better way to automate business functions, but in a manner that much more closely maps to the needs of organizations. Apttus delivers “on demand” applications, allowing you to gain complete visibility and end to end management of your business function.



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