Uses the DocuSign Agreement Cloud platform to design and deliver systems of agreement.

Using the DocuSign Agreement Cloud platform Audet Magna designs and delivers systems of agreement that make organisations easier to do business with and for:

They are leading the way in enterprise solution architecture and delivery.

They don’t just configure the software – they are vastly experienced, high quality cloud software solution architects with a proven track record of creativity, rigour and elegance.

They have developed a suite of reusable components that mean they can deliver faster and more cost effectively.

Their design approach translates across all sectors and they can scale rapidly to accommodate enterprise needs.

Their unique approach is based on insight, co-creation and excellence – they take time to understand a client’s business and its needs. 

They think deeply about user experience and creating elegant solutions that are easy to support and maintain, as well as simple and cheap to scale across the whole enterprise.

Their advice and designs are imbued with best practice from all their combined experience and other client projects.

They are often called in to advise on complex projects, to drive best practice in solution architecture, technical configuration and enterprise project management.

Key Benefits :

1.Business analysis and transformation strategy
2.SofA strategy, roadmap and planning
3.Enterprise architecture design and global SofA platform deployment
4.Programme and project management
5.Business readiness and cultural change management

Resources :