Avoka Transact and DocuSign offer a complete electronic or mobile form solution with electronic signatures.

Avoka Transact is an unparalleled design-once, deploy anywhere all-digital data collection platform for enterprise. It is available in both browser and app formats, making it the perfect vehicle for DocuSign’s electronic signatures. It allows users to quickly create electronic and mobile forms and deploy them to multiple platforms and devices from one design. Customers or field staff can quickly complete and sign these forms using DocuSign making this an end-to-end all-digital data collection solution.

Organizations need to deliver fast on an online solution for their customers and field workers. The ability to collect data within the field is often not enough. Complex or high stakes transactions require more than basic form completion. They require the complete end-to-end data collection lifecycle. This can often mean signatures. To remove the barrier of print and fill, Avoka Transact and DocuSign together offer a solution that allows organizations to quickly offer complex data collection transactions online with full electronic signature capability. Adding a DocuSign signature field to your form is simple and allows you to quickly respond to new requests and deliver on them with minimal effort.

Once a form is complete, users will simply receive a DocuSign signing request. They can use their existing account or sign up for a new one.

Key Features

  • Fast, efficient form design deploys to all devices and platforms
  • Easy to add DocuSign signature field to any form
  • End-to-end form processing with signing functionality built-in
  • Offer data collection and signing via smartphone, tablet, desktop, or kiosk


Watch a video to learn more about the DocuSign integration with Avoka

Avoka partners with DocuSign - Press Release

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About the Partner

Avoka, the Transaction Experience Management experts, helps organizations successfully transform high-stakes transactions into powerful digital experiences. We couple innovation and technology with exemplary customer service to dramatically improve business results for our clients. With Avoka solutions organizations can transform simple paper-based and custom forms to sophisticated all-digital and mobile transactions — empowering users to do business whenever, wherever, and however they want — on a desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or kiosk. Avoka Transact helps organizations attract and retain more customers, sell more products and services, reduce abandonment rates, and improve the quality of the information that flows into their IT systems.

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