BigMachines and DocuSign utilize the cloud to help companies sell more and sell faster.

Big Machines integrates with DocuSign to increase the efficiency of contracts, workflow approvals, proposals, pricing, and more.

BigMachines, a global leader in Configure, Price, Quote, enables businesses of all sizes to sell more, faster with a suite of on-demand products. BigMachines can help quickly configure products and services, create 100% accurate sales quotes, proposals and contracts, and share data with CRM, ERP and other business systems.

Nearly every process in sales requires the approval and signatures of clients and management, as well as the need to store the documentation safely, securely, and with a complete audit trail. With the integration of DocuSign, Big Machines can offer customers end-to-end digital document processing.

Key Features

Big Machines offers the following services:


About the Partner

By providing unmatched customer success through our best-in-class products and practices, we will deliver superior value to our stakeholders and enable our customer to sell more and sell faster.

Our objectives are to lead the industry in customer retention, customer satisfaction, and speed to success for our customers. We are focused on helping our customers achieve high adoption, fast go-lives, easy upgrades and fast ROI.

As the global leader of our industry, we are deeply committed our employees, innovation, and operational and financial excellence. We are also committed to being responsible stewards of the communities in which we operate around the world, doing our part to contribute as best we can.


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