Drawloop is the leading platform for document creation and automation in the cloud. We help businesses, organizations and individuals merge data into dynamic document packages (DDP™).

Drawloop is a complete document automation service. We offer cloud-based document solutions to help organizations of any size. 

Drawloop Technologies delivers powerful document creation services. We provide a simple point-and-click process for users to merge data from Salesforce and automate dynamic document creation using any combination of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. In minutes, you can automate the same documents your business has been using for years. Integrate with your business logic and simplify the user experience in Salesforce.

Drawloop's service is integrated with DocuSign and Salesforce.com.

Key Features

  • LOOPlus: Automate and merge any combination of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files with data from any objects to create a single customized PDF
  • Automate existing mail merge documents, merge Word, merge Excel, merge PowerPoint, merge PDF
  • LOOP Reports: Automate and schedule the email delivery of Salesforce reports as one combined PDF to any email address


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About the Partner

Located in Irvine, California, Drawloop Technologies delivers powerful cloud document services to you and your employees. We deliver an online business process to merge documents, to automate document creation, and to help you package and combine files to PDF. Businesses rely on Drawloop to help them automate the creation of proposals, sales quotes, presentations and any other document set critical to selling or servicing a product. Our cloud services will allow you to deliver a seamless process within Salesforce for the creation and delivery of what we call Dynamic Document Packages (or DDPs). We are your solution to merge, automate, combine and create dynamic document packages in the cloud.


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