EZCertOrigin is your comprehensive resource to help you obtain certificates of origin from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Completing and submitting your Certificate of Origin application is easier than ever.

When your export requires certified Certificates of Origin, EZCertOrigin is your comprehensive online resource to obtain them. With EZCertOrigin, completing and submitting your Certificate of Origin application is easier than ever. Gone are the wasted hours on paperwork, delay in submission, waiting time on traditional courier methods and delay in shipments.

EZCertOrigin reduces the burden of obtaining Chamber-certified Certificates that some countries require. EZCertOrigin saves you valuable time by allowing for same day submissions of orders for processing, reduces your costs by eliminating the need for express mailing of documents needed to complete certified Certificates, and creates efficiency with expedited processing and premier certifications.

Start using EZCertOrigin today to quickly obtain Chamber-certified Certificates of Origin, and complete your export.

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Our broad scope of experience enables our firm to effectively advise clients on how best to respond to immigration and export concerns, take appropriate internal action, and address government inquiries. Our firm is routinely called upon to assist clients in effective responses to the largest and most complex immigration and export investigations. We have also served as part of an appointed monitor group to assess company performance with government settlements.