GuardianDocs manages, prepares, and delivers borrower correspondence and legal instruments for loan origination and servicing. DocuSign eSignature integration ensures their clients can communicate with borrowers in the manner in which each desires.

Since 1987, GuardianDocs, a division of LenderLive Network®, has provided best-in-class document preparation and paper and electronic delivery solutions for mortgage lending and/or servicing operations. GuardianDocs masters document content and compliance, supporting document preparation for all facets of residential lending from loan origination disclosures and closing packages, servicing statements and related correspondence, and default and loss mitigation related instruments and letters. When coupled with GuardianDocs’ hosted document management solutions for document intake, imaging and recognition, and paperless workflow for financial institutions of all sizes nationwide, your mortgage lending and/or servicing operations obtain a proven, comprehensive inbound/outbound mortgage document service for any related activity.

With geographically diverse, redundant, on-shore operations and print facilities, and multiple tier-one data centers configured in an active-active state, GuardianDocs has a long-standing history of more than 99.9 percent up time in all our mortgage outsource services technology solutions.

The DocuSign eDelivery and eSignature solutions are fully integrated into the GuardianDocs document preparation solutions, allowing its customers to seamlessly transmit, deliver and get any document delivered or executed through your company’s branded DocuSign site. Additionally GuardianDocs has built workflow processes to automate the timeout functionality and will print and mail any document that has timed out, ensuring your company is in compliance with any regulatory timeliness constraints.

GuardianDocs can quickly enable your lending or servicing departments to take advantage of the digital delivery and eSignature solutions offered by DocuSign.

Key Benefits:

  • Document Preparation – customized, compliant document preparation of any document in the mortgage life cycle
  • from origination, to loan closing, through servicing
  • Document Delivery – secure, confirmed, cost-effective electronic and print document delivery and eSignature capability
  • Document Management – sophisticated document intake, imaging and classification, data extraction, web-based viewer and mailroom services
  • GuardianDocs' proprietary technology systems, architecture, and tested business continuity and disaster recovery programs protect clients from costly operational and customer impacts
  • Clients can rest assured they are using documents that are compliant with the latest federal and state regulations and that their bottom line is protected. GuardianDocs provides a full library of commonly required documents created and monitored specifically for origination and servicing by industry-leading law firms and all backed by a comprehensive compliance warranty

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