Imaging Office Systems, Inc.

Imaging Office Systems provides seamless document management integration for DocuSign eSignature.

Imaging Office Systems is one of the largest providers of document management/imaging integration services. IOS provides custom seamless integrations so that DocuSign customers can automate the process of moving and storing scanned images from DocuSign Fetch into their own document management system. If the DocuSign customer does not have a document management system, IOS can provide one for them so that they can store their own DocuSigned documents. IOS can also take the customer's paper documents and convert them to scanned images so that they have one unified electronic repository.

Key Benefits:

  • Specialized professional services group for DocuSign projects.

  • Over 40 years in the document management field.
  • Ability to provide DocuSign customers with a document management repository if they do not own one.
  • Geographic reach, providing document management services to all 50 states, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Australia.
  • Pre-built DocuSign integrations for Banking, Insurance, Credit Union and Mortgage Lending.

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