K2 for DocuSign Signature Appliance

K2 and DocuSign Digital Signatures (formally known as CoSign) 

The demand for electronic signing of documents has been growing at a rapid pace, but eSignatures are usually just one part of a larger process. By integrating DocuSign Signature Appliance with K2, customers can create end to end business process applications that include signing without ever leaving the process. By using K2 and DocuSign Signature Appliance together, customers can drastically reduce the time it takes to sign documents while maintaining complete visibility into the process at all times.

K2 makes it easy for companies to automate a broad range of business applications requiring forms, line of business application integration, workflows and reporting, all without code. Now that same capability is available to business applications that require the integration of digital eSignatures. Regardless of process type and which repository the documents live in, K2 applications can request digital signatures and control the signing process. The integrity of the process is maintained, with real-time visibility into every step of the workflow.

Typical examples of digital eSignature business applications using K2 and DocuSign Signature Appliance include:

  • Contract / agreement management.
  • Sales quotes/order-to-cash.
  • Employee, vendor and customer onboarding.
  • Insurance claims process and loan agreements.

Key Features

The K2 integration for DocuSign Signature Appliance enables K2 applications to automatically:

  • Enable internal, external, and partner signers to digitally sign documents.
  • Add, Remove, and Update signer information in the DocuSign Signature Appliance.
  • Verify existing signatures.
  • Define details/parameters of signatures.
  • Track status.


Object Methods

The integration provides a rich set of object methods to enable document signing, signature verification, and user management. The methods are tightly integrated into the K2 development tools.

Example signature workflow

This screenshot shows an example signature workflow, including provisioning of the DocuSign Signature Appliance signing account.



Got Questions?

Please contact K2 via CoSign@K2.com for additional information on the integration.

Compatibility Information

  • DocuSign Platform: DocuSign Signature Appliance.
  • Related DocuSign DTM product: K2 blackpearl DocuSign Connector

About the Partner

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