By integrating DocuSign with Laserfiche’s secure content repository, users can manage content throughout its entire lifecycle.

Laserfiche helps over 34,000 organizations worldwide make smarter, faster decisions with enterprise content management (ECM) software. ECM organizes digital documents and automates document-driven processes so that the right people have the right information at the right time. From job applications to archived records, documents are ever-present in business operations. At every stage in the document lifecycle, ECM helps capture, store, organize and secure, so you never feel swamped. Also, using business process automation, ECM routes documents, sends notification emails, populates metadata fields and catches errors before they happen.

By integrating Laserfiche with DocuSign, signature-dependent processes can be streamlined from end-to-end. Users can initiate a signing process from Laserfiche’s content repository and automatically import the document back into the repository, along with relevant metadata, for secure archival. Ultimately, this combination of ECM and eSignatures accelerates process cycle times to increase speed to results, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline the process of sending out documents for signature. Eliminate manually keeping track of which contracts are outstanding and haven't been signed, and end the possibility of contracts changed by the customer before signing.
  • Quickly and easily transform any electronic document (or even scanned copy of a paper document) into a PDF with signatures.
  • Ensure document integrity throughout the business process by automatically validating signatures with Laserfiche Workflow to confirm documents are not altered after signing.

More Information:

Laserfiche/DocuSign Integration Video Demonstration

Detailed Overview of the Laserfiche/DocuSign Integration