Make HR Easy – MYHR is the online HR department

MYHR is New Zealand’s first and only online HR department. It is a unique cloud service with quality HR professionals working directly on your issues and supporting your business.

This support is delivered through an innovative, secure online portal, covering:

  • Secure, backed-up employment document storage
  • Up-to-date, tailor made employment agreements
  • Easy, secure online signature technology
  • Disciplinary, dismissal and redundancy support
  • Performance reviews
  • Recruitment support; plus
  • General employment support.

Everything is created in response to your specific needs and is always up-to-date with current employment law.

All for a low monthly membership fee, with no lock-in contracts or add-on costs.

MYHR services deliver:

  • Tailored recruitment support including job ads, application forms, targeted interview questions, tips and guides for CV screening and interviews and reference checks.
  • Then when an organisation successfully identifies their preferred candidate MYHR produces the offer letter, employment and job description written specifically for that job offer and bundled together with the relevant tax and bank forms.
  • The employment agreement can be signed using DocuSign, creating a secure process, without the need for any paper, meeting all legal obligations and seamlessly integrating with the MYHR filing system, ensuring the new employee’s file is up to date once they have signed their new agreement.
  • MYHR support and develops performance reviews tailored for specific organstions.
  • Should issues arise during employment, dedicated support is provided for disciplinary, dismissal and redundancy situations.
  • Plus a wide range of general support for all employment issues.
  • Everything is stored online in a secure account which can be set up to accommodate departmental secuirity and limited access for different managers.

Use of DocuSign

MYHR uses DocuSign for the issuing and signing of employment agreements:

  • MYHR writes the employment agreement for the employer;
  • The employer reviews and signs the agreement online;
  • The DocuSign link is auto-emailed to the employee with instructions;
  • The employee reviews and signs the agreement online;
  • It is auto-emailed to the employee as a pdf, with both signatures;
  • It is auto-uploaded to the employer’s MYHR account online and stored inside the newly created file for that employee.
  • Throughout the process alerts keep everything ticking along, such as: alerts if the employee refuses to sign or reminders to the employer as day one approaches.


  1. Secure, backed-up employment document storage
  2. Up-to-date, tailor made employment agreements with easy, secure online signature technology
  3. Disciplinary, dismissal and redundancy support
  4. Performance reviews and recruitment support
  5. Support with all general employment queries and issues.


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Customer Testimonials:

"The quality of the documents is excellent. I’ve got a mix of staff so it’s a perfect way of bringing everything up to speed for very little cost. It really is extremely innovative and one of the best new business concepts I’ve seen for a long time."
Misty Optic

"With MYHR we have been able to tidy up loose ends and bring our business up to date with current employment law. We know where everything is and we know it’s right."
McCready Bale Media

"I recommend MYHR for all of our clients, it makes people process, administration and legal compliance so easy. Fantastic."

"This is true cloud HR. We have all our team securely inside the MYHR space and we also use the service for general advice, recruitment support and some issues resolution. Too easy."
New Zealand Sponsorship Agency

"MYHR is like having an in house HR department at your disposal without the cost. An absolute must for any sized business."
Glue Guru Industrial Products

"We don’t have a lot of time to get HR processes right. MYHR helped us get our team set up legally and provides us a space for all our people related info. It’s great."
Cassidy Eyecare

"I recently had to restructure my business and downsize by one. The support through MYHR's Redundancy was great. I got through with minimal angst and no dispute."
Amplifier Design

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