Increase your quoting efficiency and customer satisfaction with NDA's industry leading quote configuration, costing, quote creation, geocoding and sales automation solutions for telecom carriers, resellers and agents.

NDA works closely with telecom providers and agents to centralize and automate their pricing and costing processes to drive enhanced productivity and reduced operating expenses. Our core product is easily customized to incorporate special business logic, custom rates and provider agreements. Bimonthly tariff updates provided by NDA ensure accurate data for quote creation. By using the latest technology, integration to internal applications is achievable with minimal effort.

Account Management System (AMS) is a web-based system designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of voice, data and IP services pricing, quoting and ordering. AMS helps carriers increase their revenue and lower their costs by decreasing the time required to generate quotes, ensuring that created quotes reflect exact business rules and rates and minimizing the number of billing errors. By extending quote creation functionality to the customer, further savings are realized and customer satisfaction increased.


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Since its inception in 1983, Network Design and Analysis Corporation (NDA) has specialized in quoting and sales automation solutions for the telecommunications industry. During this time, NDA has developed substantial expertise in interpreting and implementing the business logic that underlies telecom services and pricing. This allows NDA to deliver high quality, unique solutions to its customers in very short time frames.

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