As part of our unrelenting commitment to provide the most expeditious and effortless service to our agency clients, FIRST Insurance Funding has partnered with Docusign to bring the electronic signature process to premium financing. 

Through Docusign, FIRST is able to provide agencies and their insureds with the ability to electronically sign, transmit, submit, and store all premium finance agreements (PFAs).  This feature will allow agencies to minimize their time spent collecting signatures and focus their time toward producing new business.  FIRST’s online quoting system, Quotes-in-View (QIV) is fully integrated with Docusign’s e-signature process, rendering electronic completion and submission of PFAs only a few clicks – and seconds – away.

FIRST Insurance Funding leads the premium finance industry in offering exceptional customer service, unmatched flexibility, and cutting-edge technology to insurance agencies and their clients.  Through our parent company, Wintrust Financial, FIRST is able to offer complete financial solutions to its partner agencies.

Using a secure internet connection, QIV gives agents immediate and easy access to one of the most versatile online quoting systems in the premium finance industry.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, QIV prepares finance agreements according to the customized program of each agent and includes direct ties to FIRST’s operational databases, ensuring that all approved carriers and general agents are accessible. For large and complex quotes, QIV allows online collaboration between users and FIRST’s Agency Services team. QIV will also allow authorized users to view quoting activity for all locations of a specific agency.


  • FIRST has prepared an information sheet to explain how to use Quotes-In-View. To review the page, download it by clicking here.
  • FIRST Website

About the Partner

As one of the largest premium finance companies in the U.S., FIRST Insurance Funding Corp. has built a reputation for superior service, innovation and flexibility.

During the last decade, FIRST has grown from a $300 million finance company to more than a $3 billion finance company. FIRST achieved this growth by being the only finance company that truly understands how to serve independent, middle-market insurance agents and brokers.

FIRST is committed to providing you with the tools you need to build your business. FIRST will develop a custom finance program that not only provides full premium finance services but also offers a package of financial services designed specifically for your agency.

FIRST is a subsidiary of Wintrust Financial Corporation, a $17 billion+ financial services holding company and the fastest growing financial services company in Illinois history.


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