Streamline contract approvals and accelerate revenue with Revitas and DocuSign

Revitas Contract Manager offers full integration with DocuSign’s industry-leading eSignature solution, enabling companies to execute contract approvals and secure business even faster, accelerating revenue flow, while equipping the agile, mobile workforce with Digital Transaction Management (DTM) capabilities.

Revitas Contract Manager is an end-to-end Contract Lifecycle management (CLM) solution that enables organizations to achieve maximum value from contracts and to optimize contract lifecycle processes.

From contract initiation to post-execution, this solution seamlessly integrates DocuSign’s convenient, secure, and efficient DTM platform within the robust, customizable, and automated rules –based workflow capabilities of Revitas Contract Manager, streamlining and optimizing the complete CLM process.

Application Description:

DocuSign’s eSignature solution is fully integrated into Revitas Contract Manager. No additional module or software is required to be installed separately from DocuSign. From a functional perspective, our solution offers the following capabilities and value for the end users:

  • Provides support for unlimited signers
  • Automates the signature process across complex, multiple approval levels, and hierarchal contract approval workflows
  • Equips the agile, mobile workforce with digital transaction capabilities, enabling device-independent contract initiation and approval workflows with eSignature
  • Integrates eSignature capabilities to accommodate complex, enterprise-scale contract volumes and global requirements
  • Ensures consistency and flexibility in creating contracts with ability to place signature block across contracts
  • Implements eSignature capability into the entire CLM process, streamlining approvals
  • Supports automated, multi-layer workflows for instant contract approvals
  • Tailors and configures contract authoring and execution processes to meet the needs of your growing business
  • Creates rule-based automated workflows to simplify authoring and signature flows

Key Features:

  • Secure business faster with single-click digital eSignature approvals and signatures
  • Enable the agility of your mobile workforce with eSignature capabilities in real-time, on any mobile device
  • Tailor contract execution to meet the needs of your business, and create rules-based automated workflows for authorized layers of signers
  • Create rule-based automated workflows for streamline authoring and signature flows
  • Scale to meet enterprise volume, multi-divisional and geographical requirements with eSignature capabilities

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Got Questions?

For support questions please contact:
Americas: 1-877-774-2451
EMEA/Asia Pacific: +44 (0) 20 7936 2828

Campatibility/Version Information:

This integration supports Revenue Contract Manager CM v7.10.2 release.

About the Partner:

Revitas helps organizations accelerate revenue through diverse, multi-level sales channels, by delivering enterprise-class solutions that tailor channel and contract management to the needs of the business. For over 25 years, Revitas has enabled companies in the most challenging, channel-intensive industries to achieve best-in-class performance and sustainable competitive advantage. The integration alliance with DocuSign and Revitas further illustrates our commitment to excellence in delivering integrated solutions for contract lifecycle management, and in meeting the needs of enterprises moving towards transactional digitization.

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