SAP SDK for DocuSign Signature Appliance

Seamless Integration of Digital Signatures with SAP Applications

The SAP SDK for DocuSign Signature Appliance (formally known as CoSign) enables any SAP application written in ABAP to easily include the power of standard digital signatures. ABAP is the standard language for SAP applications.

The connector provides ABAP methods to sign PDF files and verify their digital signatures. The connector also enables “data buffers” or content of any type to be digitally signed and verified.

The connector is in production use at SAP installations in the transportation, energy, and healthcare markets. SAP application developers and integrators can use the connector to enable auditable and secure online approvals of documents. DocuSign digital signatures can also be used to guarantee that data has not been changed since it was signed.

Key Benefits

  • The integration enables a completely electronic workflow, saving the costs of printing, scanning and copying paper documents.
  • Integrate digital signatures with SAP business processes and workflows to speed approvals.
  • Eliminates printed documents for signing, enhances collaboration for virtual project teams, and field workers, across departments and multiple locations.
  • Proven compliance with governance, retention and national/international regulatory standards.

DocuSign Signature Appliance and SAP

DocuSign Signature Appliance protects your digital signing certificates by maintaining them within the DocuSign Signature Appliance.

The SDK provides easy to use ABAP methods for signing and verifying signed PDF files.

Open and Standard

DocuSign Signature Appliance adapts to your existing processes, workflows and user management needs: you don’t have to change anything about the way you work while keeping all documents fully secure and solely within your IT domain.

DocuSign Signature Appliance meets even the strictest global technical standards, governmental legislation and industry regulations, while supplying proof of signer identity, signer intent and document integrity.

DocuSign Signature Appliance creates legally compliant digital records that guarantee transparency, auditability and accountability based on easy signature validation by anyone using most PDF readers.

DocuSign Signature Appliance does not need to be installed or used to verify signed files.

DocuSign Signature Appliance provides a rapid ROI by significantly reducing your costs and improving efficiency. It provides a low TCO with a quick installation process, minimal operational impact, negligible ongoing maintenance and easy scalability.

Compatibility Information

The SDK requires the SAP .Net Connector. Please see the product documentation for additional configuration information.

DocuSign Platform: DocuSign Signature Appliance.

Got Questions?

The SDK is sold and supported by the DocuSign Professional Services group. Please contact DocuSign sales for additional information.

Learn more

SAP SDK for DocuSign Signature Appliance reference manual.

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