SchoolDocs is the premier solution in PAPERLESS technology for Higher Education.

SchoolDocs offers any organization operating in the Higher Education sector the ability to Go Paperless. The solution combines document management, document tracking, document binding, e-Forms, workflow, records retention, compliance reporting, and DocuSign™ integration into a single suite capable of providing colleges, career schools, and universities everything needed to implement paperless practices.

SchoolDocs is also deeply integrated into the world class Student Management Platform known as CampusVue™ and adds value to document tracking and compliance reporting to more than 100 of CampusVue™ Higher Ed campuses nation-wide.

SchoolDocs is designed to store and deliver information that goes far beyond traditional scanned paper documents. Once digital information is available, one can begin to take advantage of the benefits, for digital information submits itself to comprehensive security and privacy control and is available for other uses. SchoolDocs’ utility goes beyond just managing student records to providing data for the effective operation of the institution.

SchoolDocs simplifies and adds value to the regulatory, licensing, accreditation, and Department of Education compliance processes. It is an essential management tool which allows an institution to anticipate and document each compliance element.

Simply put, SchoolDocs is a document management and tracking solution designed specifically for post-secondary educational institutions and is based on the auditing of records and electronic files pertaining to specific compliance requirements. The solution combines a paperless environment for creating online electronic forms and/or scanned document images. It provides a monitoring system for tracking missing documents and other records-based scenarios which comprise a compliance requirement or best practice implementation.

Key Features

  • Document Management
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Document Binding for Compliance Audits
  • Student Management System Integration
  • E-Forms and electronic signatures through DocuSign™


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Customer Testimonials

“SchoolDocs exceeded our expectations particularly with respect to interfacing with CampusVue™ and Docusign™, and the services provided also met or exceeded our expectations. It is all too rare to find a company that delivers on promises…the SchoolDocs team did. The team was easy to work with and made adjustments quickly to accommodate our dynamic business and our implementation.” - Mark Arvin | National University College Online

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